Which Feminine Prosperity Point™ Do You Need to Strengthen?


What do you do when someone seems to devalue your opinion?

How do you feel around authority?

When someone wrongs you, how do you respond?

When it comes to activating your purpose in life, how do you proceed?

When it comes to strategy for getting your dreams to manifest, how do you proceed?

What do you WISH you could include MORE of in your life?

Which Feminine Prosperity Point™ Do You Need to Strengthen?
Queen CEO
You need to strengthen the Queen CEO within you. If she is not strengthened within you, you will be avoiding systems and strategies in life and business. If your QueenCEO is triggered into shadow (aka you are stuck in your head in a way that is cutting off your connection to your Whole Self) the pathway out is to confront any sense of superiority or entitlement that is showing up, and meditate on how you can seek material advancement in order to serve and create heaven on earth. Then embrace the beauty of your mind and its capacities, direct your thoughts and organizing capacities Heavenward (here you don’t have to be afraid of the realm of the mind, which is thought of as being a traditionally unconscious masculine energy). A true Queen CEO is the servant of all. She is actually a benevolent Sovereign, she seeks to advance others’ capacities along with her own capacities, so that the world may become a brighter place. She always seeks Truth. In her fearless inventory of self, she can systematize and sustain conscious action toward her goals (of taking over the world with love). Learn more about the QueenCEO: Her Gift: Systematic Action and Sustained, Dependable Results, Material Wealth through your Gifts. Her Desire: To create more time and pleasure through planning well, to encourage material and intellectual advancement of self and others so all can serve. Her Pathway to the Light: Use self-assessment and self-discipline to construct the reality she wants. Shadow of Queen CEO: Superiority, arrogance, entitlement, control. Feeds: Shadow of the Wild Woman and Spirit Woman. Light of Queen CEO: Benevolence, Magnanimity, True Leadership through Influence. Feeds: Light of Beauty Healer and Spirit Woman. Your Action Step: Sit down with your goals, open your heart to Grace, and decide which consistent, conscious actions will help you move the needle on your business and life goals. Put them in your calendar. Bonus step: Plan out 6 months ahead!
Spirit Woman
You need to strengthen the Spirit Woman within you. If the Yogini is not strengthened, you will devalue your Spiritual core and worth as a Soul. If Spirit Woman is triggered into Shadow of Spirit Woman, the pathway out is to value yourself and acknowledge your Self and your true value as a Soul on the path and intentionally access Evolutionary Memory of who you are and all you were designed to be. Tune in using your inner and outer senses (including dreams, signs in nature, seasons and cycles) to sense your next conscious step, and simply take that next step. You’ll become a magnet for the next conscious step to present itself, and for the resources for the completion of your mission to be drawn to you. Tune in to your spiritual Core to listen for what spiritual principle will activate a solution to your problem. Look at your own acquired Attributes and choose one of them that will be the antidote to your problem, and decipher what the spiritual lesson is in this situation. Take all that you have identified with you back to the surface (life as you know it on Earth) and create a set of conscious actions to carry out. Learn more about the Spirit Woman: Her Gift: Wisdom in Service. Her Desire: to embody her true Self in her services, and activate a memory of others’ true Selves. Her Pathway to the Light: accessing her inner and outer senses, and paying attention to seasons and cycles and Divine Wisdom and the Plan hidden within every atom of creation. Shadow of Spirit Woman: Forgetfulness of her True Self, especially when around others’ forgetfulness, and serving from cellular memory (aka repeating the past). Feeds: Shadow of the Wild Woman Light of Spirit Woman: Embodying her True Self and mission for all to benefit from, being a living memory of the Evolutionary Plan and a wise elder guiding others. Feeds: Light of the Integration Point/One Woman (Internal Oneness)
Beauty Healer

You need to strengthen the Beauty Healer within you. If your Beauty Healer is not strengthened you will be ignoring your need to be and embody beauty + you will succumb to false leadership from an external source that is not good for you. If Beauty Healer is triggered into shadow, the pathway out is to listen deeply within and without to see where you have taken on a false cultural belief about your right to embody yourself and show up in your true beauty and power. Know that having authority over Self, meaning giving yourself permission to be who you really Are, allows you to serve bigger, to be more nurturing (because you are accepting your own Self) and ultimately reach your cherished goal: seeing the world come home through Beauty to their True Selves too. Learn more about the Beauty Healer: Her Gift: Beauty as a Path to Wholeness. Her Desire: To light the world up and bring it Home through service to the Divine Feminine and Beauty. Her Pathway to the Light: Attending to inner and outer adornment aka spiritual beauty and physical beauty. Listening deep within to inner authority of self and without to the queues she's getting from the outer world to make informed decisions that serve her. Shadow of Beauty Healer: Denial of personal authority over Self and her right to embody and BE beauty. Feeds: Shadow of any of the points. Light of Beauty Healer: Embodied Beauty, owning of personal power, love, mercy, forgiveness, healing of self and others. Feeds: Light of all the points
Wild Woman
You need to strengthen the Wild Woman within you. If the Wild Woman is not strengthened, you will live in fight or flight mode. If you are triggered into the shadow of the Wild Woman you will start to feel like you are expendable, or that others are expendable. You will feel like you have to sacrifice it all in order to achieve what you want, and it will burn you out. The pathway out of the shadow of the Wild Woman is to nourish her creatively daily. She is your connection to your body, so move your body consciously at the start of the day with loving exercise, connection with nature and the Divine, as well as creative outlets such as free dance, journaling, painting and creative expressions that are completely goal-less and free and all about promoting embodiment. Learn more about the Wild Woman: Her Gift: Full Unleashed Creativity and Authenticity. Her Desire: to be Nourished First. Her Pathway to the Light: Connection to self through connection with nature and embodied movement, creative, goal-less play. Movement and expression from the inside. Shadow of Wild Woman: All or nothing (fight or flight), expendability, sacrificial, all-or-nothing thinking. Feeds: Shadow of the Queen CEO. Light of Wild Woman: Embodied Wholeness, Deep Peace, Inner ‘Knowing’, Magic. Feeds: Light of ALL points, especially Queen CEO
The One Woman
You need to strengthen the One Woman point within you. If you do not strengthen this point, you will see ALL ways as the path, but you won't be sure where you personally connect in life and will have trouble activating your purpose and mission. If the One Woman point within you is triggered into shadow it is because something made you feel devalued in your view of life, and you then retreat away into your inner cave and withhold your gifts from the world and even from yourself. The pathway out of the shadow of the One Woman Point is meditate on your Soul value, and identify a set of sustained, sequential, conscious actions you can take to activate your path in the world in a grounded way, and simply take action. Each action you take in consciousness will lead you to the next, and strengthen your willingness and desire to 'be here now' in a world that is so heavily focused on masculine values such as force and linear thought. You will value your presence and skill in bringing balance to that the more you take action to bring your skills and gifts into form in the world. Learn more about the One Woman: Her Gift: Knowledge and embodiment of true Oneness. Her Desire: to embody and share ALL ways as a path to that Oneness within and without. Her pathway to the Light: valuing herself and identifying the sustained, sequential, conscious actions she can take to manifest her calling on Earth in a grounded way and TAKE those actions. Shadow of One Woman: retreating and withholding her gifts from herself and the world. Feeds: shadow of Wild Woman and ALL points Light of One Woman: valuing her True Self and finding grounded pathways of expression of her gifts to make the world a balanced place. Feeds: Light of ALL points

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